By definition, a solution is "a method of successfully dealing with a problem or difficulty." As your trusted advisor, we are dedicated to always finding the most cost—effective solutions to offer the strongest return on investment and value for our clients. In today's marketplace, accounting and business management software vendors are generally resigned to selling a particular single solution and while in discussions with a company, has tunnel vision focusing on making the client requirements work with the software package they offer.

At Synergy Plus Solutions, we believe that the key to finding the right solution for our clients involves conducting an unbiased needs assessment to create the statement of findings for your requirements and areas of concern. At that point we discuss with you the options available in the SMB marketplace and what we foresee as the best fit out of the box to match your requirements with the least amount of customization required. The solution needs to support the company vision, provide integral data for making decisions and grow in sync with the organization as well. David Maister once said, "The goal of strategy is not to forecast where the market is going, but to create a responsive organization which will adapt wherever it goes." Having said that, we will find the right solution to be your competitive advantage, while also adapting to the route your company blazes to greater success.

We represent several industry leading business management applications, with each offering a different 'flavour' in features and deployment options. This allows us to independently research and analyze your requirements to find the strongest solution to fit your unique requirements.

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