Synergy Plus Solutions has formed an extremely strong network of strategic partners and alliances to facilitate a higher level of service across all product lines and support. When selecting a firm to be a strategic partner of Synergy, the firm must have common core beliefs and goals to that of our company to ensure a common work ethic and vision that we bring to our client base.

The Synergy business strategy, implementation methodology and support programs will be utilized across all projects, including those where a strategic partner is working alongside our team. The two teams will act as a cohesive unit to deploy the highest level of expertise and skills possible on any and all projects we perform. Many implementations involve clients with offices in remote regions from our office or require a product line not supported internally by our team. In these cases, we will utilize one of our strategic alliances to offer the on—site support of product expertise required to achieve a successful implementation.

Our company believes that each implementation, no matter the requirements, should achieve the same project integrity and level of service. Combining our implementation methodology with strategic partners if required, will allow us to remain steadfast in our belief that success is not the goal,it is the outcome.

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